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"The dread and resistance which every natural human being experiences when it comes to delving too deeply into himself is, at the bottom, the fear of the journey to Hades." C. G. Jung


New Life in Dismal Places

James Hollis, PhD

This course meets the qualifications for 7 hours of continuing education


We are pleased and honored to offer a compelling course by James Hollis, PhD , a renowned lecturer, writer and Jungian Analyst.

New Life in Dismal Places

is a book which delves deeply into the purpose of life: is it happiness, or is it to make meaning of both the light and the dark? Looking at a variety of clinical case examples, Dr. Hollis leads us into the realm of the soul.

"...Jung observed that the opus, the work of the soul, consists of three parts, 'insight, endurance and action.' Psychology, he noted, can only assist in the provision of insight. After that come the moral courage to do what one must and the strength to bear the consequences....What follows is as much a series of meditations as it is a set of psychological observations. My purpose is to induce reflection and a personal assent to visit those swamplands more consciously. In the end, we have little choice, for, willing or not, we will spend much of our life there."
(from the Introduction)

Please join us in this 7 unit course.


The Dismal Swamp in North Carolina

"There is an incredible sweetness that comes to those who have 'gone through,' though one could not imagine such a thing while enduring the torments of Hell." James Hollis


Book Description

James Hollis (Houston, TX)
14 original prints by Vicki Cowan
ISBN 0-919123-74-0. 160 pp. Index. Sewn
Is the purpose of life to achieve happiness? Who does not long to arrive some distant day at that sunlit meadow where we may abide in pure contentment? But we know life is not like that. Much of the time we are lost in the dismal states of guilt, grief, betrayal, depression and the like.
Swamplands of the Soul explores the quicksands where we have all floundered. It lights a beacon of hope by showing what they mean in terms of our individual journey and the engendering of soul. Encompassing both the meadow and the bog, this author's perspective asserts that the goal of life is not happiness but meaning. And meaning, though it may not be all sunlight and blossoms, is real.#


Midwest Book Review
Life is a constant and cascading series of struggles large and small with the vicissitudes and setbacks of life. States of happiness and contentment are ephemeral and under constant erosion by states of guilt, grief, betrayal, doubt, depression, deprivation, anger, terror, and change. Swamplands Of The Soul: New Life In Dismal Places presents the Jungian perspective: By encompassing both the meadow and the bog, the goal of life is not happiness but meaning. And meaning, though it may not be all sunlight and blossoms, is nonetheless real. Swamplands Of The Soul explores the quicksands where we have all been entrapped from time to time. Swamplands Of The Soul lights a beacon by showing what these "quicksands" mean in terms of our individual journey through life and the engendering of soul. For as James Hollis maintains, it is precisely where we encounter the "gravitas" of life that we also uncover its purpose, its dignity and its deepest meaning. Thoughtful and reflective reading.

"Clearly written, its meaning easy to grasp, and although Hollis does not spare us from the bad news of the difficult journey through the swamp, one feels that his challenge to the reader is compassionate and that he wants us to succeed." - Cassie D. Cohoon, Newsletter of the Jung Society of Montreal.


Learning Objectives

In this 7 unit course clinicians will:

1. Delineate more accurately the psychodynamic factors in so-called psychopathology
2. Identify the task that each submersion into pathological states also brings a task for greater consciousness as well.
3. Understand the nature and importance of Jung’s idea of the complex.
4. Reframe the client’s assumptions about the swampland states and move him or her from passive suffering to active engagement.
5. Enlarge the client’s perspective on the role of suffering in all lives and the task of consciousness.



Map of the Great Dismal Swamp

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This course consists of a post-test based upon reading the text. There is no online material to read. After you pass the post-test, you may print out your own certificate.


To receive credit students must

*Paperback: 160 pages
* Publisher: Inner City Books; (September 1996)
* ISBN: 0919123740

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  • Pass the post-test
  • Upon passing the test, print your own certificate of completion.

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James Hollis, Ph.D., has a Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the C. G. jung Institute in Zurich. He is the acclaimed best-selling author of "The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other," "Creating a Life; Finding Your Individual Path," "Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife," "Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places," "Under Saturn's Shadow: The Wounding and Healing of Men," "Tracking the Gods: The Place of Myth in Modern Life," "The Archetypal Imagination," and "On This Journey We Call Our Life; Living the Questions." He lives and practices in Houston, where he is a Senior Training Analyst of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, and the Director Emeritus of the C. G. Jung Educational Center.

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