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A Process of Psychological Transformation

Marion Woodman

This course meets the qualifications for 8 hours of continuing education


This book is about the struggle to become conscious. It is about overcoming addictions—to food, drugs, work, etc. It is about the wisdom of the body, initiation rituals, dreams. It is about relationship and the search for personal identity. It is a celebration of the feminine, both in men and in women. It is about becoming free.

Please join us in this 8 unit course.


"We have lost our containers; chaos threatens"

Using the concept of the process of psychological pregnancy (the virgin forever a virgin, forever pregnant, forever open to possibilities), Woodman examines ways of restoring the unity of body and soul, suggesting that immortality is a reality contained within mortality. Drawing on her Jungian analytic practice with its analysis of hundreds of dreams, she explores the search for personal identity and relationships, including celebration of the feminine both in women and men. She begins with the symbolism of the chrysalis, then discusses abandonment in the creative woman, psyche-soma awareness, the ritual journey, further thoughts on addiction, and yin, yang, and Jung. She concludes with a section on modern initiation.

Cross Currents: An Annotated Bibliography http://www.cgjungpage.org/cc11.html


The woman who is virgin, one-in-herself, does what she does not for power or out of the desire to please, but because what she does is true." Here is writing with a thinking heart, blending art, literature, religion and extensive case material. Continues the author's pioneering work on the nature of the feminine in both women and men.


“The dream image echoes and re-echoes within itself, the union of masculine and feminine, gold and silver, spirit and matter, West and east, Yang and Yin. Like the initiate in the primitive tribes, the dancer is to step into the cosmic arena, and through her connection with her own inner roots, she will contact ‘the water of life with which she nourishes the cosmic tree.’ Vegetation in the wasteland depends on the feminine capacity to overcome personal fear and become open to the inner fountains.”

Please join us in this 8 unit course.


"A life that is truly lived is constantly burning away the veils of illusion, gradually revealing the essence of the individual."

Learning Objectives

In this 8 unit course clinicians will understand:

1. the process of inner abandonment of creativity;
2. how awareness of psyche and soma assists in reclaiming the body from addictions;
3. the role of ritual in the transformation of eating disorders and other addictions;
4. the meaning and role of initiation in the treatment of eating disorders.


This course consists of a post-test based upon reading the text. There is no online material to read. After you pass the post-test, you may print out your own certificate.


"Both men and women are searching for their pregnant virgin. She is the part of us who is outcast, the part who comes to consciousness through going into darkness, mining our leaden darkness, until we bring her silver out."


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Paperback: 204 pages ; $18.00 + shipping
* Publisher: Inner City Books; (March 1988)
* ISBN: 0919123201
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  • Pass the post-test
  • Upon passing the test, you will receive a certificate of completion



Marion Woodman is a Jungian analyst, teacher and author of The Owl Was a Baker's Daughter, Addiction to Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride, The Pregnant Virgin: A Process of Psychological Transformation, The Ravaged Bridegroom: Masculinity in Women, Leaving My Father's House: A Journey to Conscious Femininity, Conscious Femininity: Interviews, Dancing in the Flames: The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness (with Elinor Dickson), Coming Home to Myself (with Jill Mellick), The Maiden King (with Robert Bly), and Bone: Dying into Life.

Quotes from The Pregnant Virgin

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