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As you navigate our site, you will see that all confidential information is accessible only to clinicians who have enrolled in a course, and have received a password. The PsychCEU Forum is also password protected, and will be monitored for confidentiality.

E-mail list
Our e-mail list is created from people who have e-mailed us, asking to be included, and students who have taken our courses. We do not take e-mail addresses from those who are just visiting our site. If you are on the e-mail list, and do not wan tot receive e-mails from us, then please send us an e-mail to that effect.

We will never sell or trade our e-mail list.

A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s computer tied to information about the user. Cookies are bits of information that
a website sends to your web browser that helps the site remember information about you and your preferences. "Session" cookies are temporary bits of information that are erased once you exit your Web browser window or otherwise turn your computer off. Session cookies are used to improve navigation on Web sites and to collect aggregate statistical information. This site uses session cookies.
"Persistent" cookies are more permanent bits of information that are placed on the hard drive of your computer and stay there unless you delete the cookie. Persistent cookies store information on your computer for a number of purposes, such as retrieving certain information you have previously provided (e.g., passwords), helping to determine what areas of the website visitors find most valuable, and customizing the website based on your preferences. This site uses persistent cookies.
"Internet tags" (also known as single-pixel GIFs, clear GIFs, invisible GIFs, and 1-by - GIFs) are smaller than cookies and tell the Web site server information such as the IP address and browser type related to the visitor's computer. We use Internet tags at this site. These tags indicate how many times a page is opened and which information is consulted. We do not collect or seek personally identifiable information through these tags.
"Navigational data" ("log files," "server logs," and "clickstream" data) are used for system management, to improve the content of the site, market research purposes, and to communicate information to visitors. This site uses navigational data.

Use and Disclosure of Information
Except as otherwise stated, we may use your information to improve the content of our site, to customize the site to your preferences, to communicate information to you (if you have requested it), for our marketing and research purposes, and for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.


We collect no personal information about you when you visit www.psychceu.com, We do collect and store certain anonymous information automatically, including:
* the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the domain from which you access the Internet (i.e. 123.456.789.012) whether yours individually or provided as a proxy by your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
* the date and time you access our site
* the pages you peruse (recorded by the text and graphics files that compose that page)
* the Internet address of the Website from which you linked directly to our site.
We use this information to help us make our site more useful to our visitors, such as assessing what pages is the most viewed, the least viewed, and seeing traffic patterns regarding how people navigate through the site.
We know, for example, that in May 2003, we got the most visitors on Thursdays, and that we had people from every continent, (except Antarctica!) visit our website. We do not know, however, who you are, or your e-mail address!

This information is not shared with anyone beyond the support staff to this web site. We do not know who is accessing us, so the information we receive is strictly anonymous.


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