Jungian Psychology Unplugged:
My Life As an Elephant


Daryl Sharp, M.A. Jungian Analyst


A course meeting the qualifications for
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"Analysis is about becoming conscious of who you are, including your strengths and weaknesses."
Daryl Sharp, in Jungian Psychology Unplugged


www.psychceu.com is pleased to introduce a series of courses based on three books on Jungian Theory by noted Jungian Analyst Daryl Sharp.

Jungian Psychology Unplugged: My Life As an Elephant

Jungian Psychology Unplugged is a comprehensive overview of Jung's basic concepts and their application. Designed as a teaching aid, it brings together and updates the essence of Daryl Sharp's writings over the past twenty years.

The author writes:

"On a dreary afternoon in the fall of 1974 I was walking in the hills of Zurich, feeling bleak and very sorry for myself, when I spied an object on the path. I stooped down and picked it up. It was a little black elephant made of ebony. It was numinous to me, a magical thing. On the spot, I fell in love.
"I took it to be a case of what Jung calls synchronicity, where an outer event coincides with what is going on inside. I assumed it had something to do with my psychology and I spent the next few years exploring what that might be.
"I went to see elephants in the zoo; I read books about them; I collected them. Friends and relatives overwhelmed me with elephants of all sizes and materials and numerous objects incorporating their shape. I painted pictures of elephants and my dreams were full of them.
"Now I have a pretty good idea of what elephants have to do with me and why I found that first one. I was thirty-eight years old at the time. I had burned my bridges and I was on my knees. I had gone to Switzerland to begin training at the C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich. A lot has happened to me since, and everything I have learned 'as an elephant' is in this book."

Psychological Types
Jung's basic model; four functions and two attitude types; the role of the unconscious; persona and shadow
Getting To Know Yourself
archetypes and complexes; conflict; more on persona and shadow; the puer/puella syndrome
The Unknown Other
projection and identification; anima and animus; the challenge of relationship; intimacy with distance
Midlife Crisis
neurosis and individuation; the purpose of neurosis; adaptation and breakdown; the self-regulation of the psyche
The Analytic Experience
getting started; working on yourself; the hero's journey; the importance of dreams; active imagination
Psychological Development
self-knowledge; personality and individuation; vocation and inflation; the religious dimension


Please see The Analytic Experience
An excerpt from Jungian Psychology Unplugged, by Daryl Sharp

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  • Pass the post-test and evaluate the course.
  • Upon passing the test, you will receive a certificate of completion


Learning Objectives:

1. To understand the basic concepts of shadow, persona, complex and archetype.
2. To understand the process of projection and identification, anima and animus.
3. To become more familiar with some of the key elements in Jung's work.
4. To know how to recognize the concept of unconscious processes appearing in a midlife crisis.
To recognize the archetype of the Wounded Healer as it applies to clinical practice.

This course consists of a post-test based upon reading the text. The online portions include a Forum for discussion and the post-test. There is no online material to read. After you pass the post-test, you may print out your own certificate.


A course meeting the qualifications for 6 hours of continuing education credit

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Daryl Sharp, B.Sc., B.J., M.A., is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, and publisher of Inner City Books. He is the author of nine other books in this series, including Personality Types: Jung's Model of Typology, Jung Lexicon: A Primer of Terms and Concepts and Getting To Know You: The Inside Out of Relationship. He lives and practices in Toronto.

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